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Answer a few short questions and we will get back to you within 2 working days. Please do not use this online form for urgent or emergency requests. The submitted forms will only be read during office hours. The forms will not be read on the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) or on bank holidays. They will not be read Monday – Friday between the hours of 1800 – 0900. Please contact 111 during out of hours or 999 if this is an emergency.

Please note: Booking appointments online via Patient Access is currently unavailable due to the total triage process being used due to COVID-19.

It is easier and quicker to manage your appointments via our online service. Simply log in and select an option.


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  • To make an appointment by telephone, please ring our reception team on 01823 333355. Our receptionists are likely to ask the reason for your appointment – this is so that they can book the most appropriate appointment for you with the correct person.
  • You can contact the reception team to make an appointment Monday-Friday between 08:30-13:00 and 14:00-18:00. Our phone lines are very busy between 08:30 and 10:00 every morning; if your appointment is not urgent for that day, you may find it easier to get through to our reception team after 10am.
  • Appointments can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance, and we do have some appointments available on the same day for urgent issues.
  • We are available by telephone, for emergencies only, Monday-Friday between 08:00-08:30, 13:00-14:00 and 18:00-18:30.
  • We also offer appointments up until 20:00 every Tuesday evening and some Thursdays with our GPs, nurses and HCA. These surgeries are for pre-booked appointments only.

Please see here for information about the Improved Access Scheme. This is an initiative across Somerset where patients can make appointments at extended times (up until 8pm Monday-Friday and on Saturday mornings) at other practices across the local area.

Can another Healthcare Professional help?

Do you need to see the GP?
Sometimes the GP is not the most appropriate Healthcare Professional to deal with your ailment. Please see the information on see a Doctor or Healthcare Professional, which might help you decide whether a GP appointment is truly necessary or whether it might be better for you to see a Pharmacist, Optician, Dentist or other Healthcare Professional. You can even self-refer for some services without seeing your GP.

For real life-threatening emergencies such as those below – RING 999

  • Chest pain (suspected heart attack)
  • Suspected stroke
  • Suspected meningitis
  • Anaphylactic shock (severe allergy)
  • Heavy bleeding or deep lacerations
  • Fluctuating levels of consciousness or completely unconscious
  • Difficulty breathing or stopped breathing with a change in colour
  • New seizure, fit or uncontrollable shaking

For immediately serious conditions such as the following, go to an Emergency Department (A&E) IMMEDIATELY

  • A fever and lethargic (drowsy) child
  • A feverish and floppy (unresponsive) infant
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sudden, severe abdominal pain
  • Accidental or intentional overdose of medication
  • Trauma (including falls) and possible broken bones or road traffic accident

Your appointment at the Practice

  • Please make one appointment for each member of the family who needs to be seen
  • We try to keep to time but please be patient if someone before you takes longer than planned
  • It is Practice Policy to allow patients to choose whichever Doctor they wish to attend in the Practice

Please help us

Please let us know as soon as you can if you are unable to make an appointment as we can then offer this to another patient. To cancel an appointment you can simply text us on 07922 037720 with your name and date of appointment. You can also ring our reception team on 01823 333355 who can cancel your appointment and re-book one for you if needed.

Additional information

Automated Check In

The purpose of the automated check-in machine is to allow the patient to check into their appointment without having to queue at reception to advise someone they have arrived.

Appointment Check In 

When using the checking in machine, the patient will be asked for their gender, month of birth and day of birth; this will be enough information for the system to determine if the patient has an appointment, and will ask them to confirm that the person found in the appointment slot is the patient who is checking in.

Note: If the patient arrives late for their appointment the system will direct them to speak with a receptionist.

Data Collection

  • Mobile Number

As the practice now operates a text reminder service for upcoming appointments it is important to hold the patients correct mobile number. As such, when checking in for an appointment the system will remind the patient of the mobile number we have on record for them (displaying the last 4 digits) or indicating if we do not hold a number at all for those patients wondering why they did not receive a reminder.

  • Smoking Status

If the system cannot identify a smoking status for a patient it will ask the patient for smoking status information. Once this information is gathered the patient will not be asked the question again unless their status requires an annual update in which case the system will start asking again in one years time.

  • Flu Reminder

Only active during the flu season (Sept-March) this reminder is shown to patients who qualify for a vaccination and persists until the vaccination is given or the patient indicates to reception that they do not require it.

  • Friends and Family Test

In addition to checking in for their appointment the patient is also able to use the touchscreen to complete a friends and family test. The feedback provided is to the question ‘how likely are you to recommend this service to a friend or family member’, providing a sliding scale of responses for the patient to choose from.

Can I bring someone to accompany me to the Appointment?

We are generally very happy for patients to bring with them a carer, relative or even a friend. This often helps, particularly when they know you well and it allows them to tell us any observations they would make about you, which can help us in undertaking our assessment. Ultimately this will lead us more quickly to make an accurate diagnosis and therefore help you more.

Also, having someone with you means they can prompt you to ask questions that you may have forgotten, and after the appointment they can help in reminding you what was discussed.

Occasionally we might ask for them to leave but this would be unusual.

If you require interpretation services please contact us in advance of you appointment and we will arrange this.

If you have a suspected infectious disease

Please inform reception if you suspect an infectious disease, as this will enable us to deal with it appropriately during your visit to protect you, other patients and staff. 

Giving Consent for Treatment

You have the right to accept or refuse treatment that is offered to you, and not to be given any physical examination or treatment unless you have given valid consent. If you do not have the capacity to do so, consent must be obtained from a person legally able to act on your behalf, or the treatment must be in your best interests.

Your valid consent (agreement to the course of action) is needed for the treatment that’s offered to you before any physical examinations or treatment can be given. If you haven’t given your consent, you can accept or refuse treatment that’s offered to you.

It’s important to be involved in decisions about your treatment and to be given information to help you choose the right treatment. When making treatment choices, you’ll often discuss the options with your doctor or another healthcare professional.

The practice now offers an appointment reminder service via text message

If you have provided us with your mobile number then you will receive a text reminder a day before the appointment. 

It is also possible to cancel your appointment if you no longer need it by following the instructions provided in the text message. 

We would ask that if you wish to use the service and have changed your mobile number recently that you inform reception of the change in order that the reminder is delivered to you.

If do not wish to use the service you can inform reception who will stop the reminders for you. 

When you arrive for your appointment, if you use the automated check-in machine in the foyer it will advise you of the mobile number we store for you or advise you if we do not hold a mobile number for you. If you find the number we hold for you is incorrect or you wish to provide us with a mobile number to take advantage of the service please see a member of the reception team who will be happy to update your details.

You may receive other text messages from us, including:

  • Surveys – if you have recently had an appointment with one of our GPs we may send you a survey to complete based on that appointment
  • Questionnaires – if you have a long term condition (such as asthma, COPD, etc.) we may send you a questionnaire to complete about your condition
  • Health campaigns – you may receive texts from us about different health campaigns i.e. stop smoking advice