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Our Clinics

The doctors consult during the following times:

GP Availability

Dr John EdwardsAMAM & PMAMAM
Dr Rupert SellsAMAMAM & PM
Dr Janet ShackletonAM & PMAM & PMAM & PM
Dr Khin Khin KyawAM & PMAM & PMAM & PM
Dr Rebecca Newell PriceAM & PMAM
Dr Theresa FoxtonAM & PM
Dr Kate SpreadburyAMAM

We also host the following clinics in house:


Asthma reviews are available at various times throughout the week with our clinical pharmacist, Clare Cannon or practice nurse, Ruth Shurley. Your asthma review can be carried out face to face or over the telephone.

Diabetic Clinic

Diabetes appointments are available throughout the week with our practice nurse, Nicole Limm.


If you plan to go abroad please contact us well in advance as it may take 2 months, or more, to fit in a full course of immunisations (see the travel page).

Menopause and HRT

All the doctors are able to give advice on these topics.

Minor Surgery

Minor surgical procedures are carried out in the practice under local anaesthetic. Your own doctor will arrange this for you. 


We have two clinical pharmacists, Clare Cannon and Funmi Lampejo. If you wish to discuss your medication, please book an appointment with one of our clinical pharmacists.

Clare and Funmi support our practice team in several ways:

  • To respond to patient queries about repeat prescriptions
  • To support patients who have had medication changes after discharge from hospital
  • To carry out annual medication reviews for patients on repeat prescriptions
  • To monitor patients with long term conditions who take medications
  • To monitor and adjust medications for patients with high blood pressure and other long term conditions

Our doctors have asked our reception team to recommend to patients that routine annual medication reviews are undertaken by our clinical pharmacists.

Physiotherapist and Musculoskeletal Practitioner

Physiotherapy clinics are held at the surgery every Tuesday morning with Josh Durran. Alternatively, you can choose to be seen at the physiotherapy department at Dene Barton. Your GP can refer you for physio.

We have two musculoskeletal (MSK) practitioners, Lisa Mackenzie and Tom Stone, who work at the surgery on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. You do not need a referral from a GP to see our MSK practitioners, you can book in with them directly for any sort of musculoskeletal issue, for example, back or neck pain.